Monday, December 12, 2016

something I find very interesting!

A package came in the mail - I was very excited to open it and see the fabric inside.  Windham fabrics has a new line out called Vine Inspired By Susan McCord and I just had to order some to see it in person.  Having spent years appliqueing this quilt - one panel at a time - I was very interested to see their cheater cloth of the same design.
 So here it is - laid across my finished top.  (the cheater cloth is on the right)  It is a bigger scale than Quiltsalott Janet's pattern and bigger also than the original I believe but I haven't seen the original for myself.  Janet found out about this line and had emailed me about it in the summer. 
 It has 4 panels across the width of the fabric.  It's so flat, smooth and light compared to my top.  For a few seconds I toyed with the idea of using it as backing.  It would make my quilt reversible - LOL!  Perhaps not...
 My vine
 Printed panel vine
 Of course I had to have a few other prints from the line :0)

And handquilting continues on my Bird of Paradise quilt.  I am really enjoying it!  The 1/2 inch parallel line background fill is going faster than I thought it would.  I shouldn't be surprised though - what's not to like about handquilting??

Happy Quilting!!

Friday, December 2, 2016

another ufo to work on

I found myself without handwork a few evenings ago and I dug out a ufo to work on.  Whyever did I put this one away??  I love these colors together.  I did discover that reading glasses help out with EPP...  I just bought them and wearing them makes me feel old...  I was gratified that I found they made no difference with handquilting so I only have to feel old on alternate nights.  I'm sure I will get used to them.
 The reason I was without handwork was because I finished the 3rd block of Radical Rose and Reel.  I'm going to take a break from this project now to applique a border for my signature quilt.  I find I like the variety of flipping between a couple of projects. 
I should have more discipline and make a 4th block so I could see how they come together at the corners but - its a hobby and I feel like doing something different for now.  Here are the 3 I have so far.  I found a couple more reds and greens to add in at a new-to-me shop in Blackfalds, Alberta - Peaceful Patch Quilt Shop.  I can't wait for the next time I can stop in there :0)
The colors look so Christmassy  - I think we will put up our tree tonight.

Happy Quilting!

Monday, November 14, 2016

picking up a ufo

I continue to progress slowly on a number of current projects but this ufo is something new to post about.  For my 40th birthday my husband threw me a lovely party and at the party I had everyone sign their name onto a rectangle of fabric. A while after that I started making album blocks with the rectangles in the center but indecision about a number of things kept these blocks from becoming a completed top. 
 So a couple of weeks ago I pulled them out and decided on a setting.  I was short 2 blocks for this setting so I made a couple more blocks.  I've added a number of signatures from people who weren't at the party but I wanted their names included this special quilt project.
 What really got me going on this project again was the decision to put on wide borders filled with lots of applique.  I think it will be exciting to design the borders and of course exciting to appliqué as well :0) The background fabric from the blocks was long gone so I found a print with a little bit of red in it to use for sashing and borders.  I had trouble deciding between 2 prints with red in them so - I decided to use both.  One print for setting and borders and the other for cornerstones and setting triangles.
 I've just about got it all together.  It takes longer than I thought to add all that sashing and setting triangles! I hope it's a completed top soon so I can get to the applique part!
There has also been a fair bit of non-quilty sewing going on lately.  Every couple of years I make new flannel pajamas for my kids. I'll post a picture of that when they're all done.  There was also some Halloween sewing - mostly some altering of stuff we already had but my son decided just a couple of days before Halloween to dress up as a Ranger from a book series he liked reading.  He wanted a green cloak and so I needed something that would sew up fast.
Online I found a pattern for one made with fleece and it went together easily. Since Halloween I've seen him a couple times curled up in a chair reading with it on  :0)  Fleece is warm and comfortable and more interesting than a sweater - lol!  The girls were 3 of the characters from the game of Clue.  Can you guess which ones??

Happy Quilting!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

background fill

I haven't posted in awhile and I was surprised when I loaded my pictures how much I had to share.
I'll start with my Bird of Paradise quilt.  I completed the outline quilting for all of the blocks and last week I started with the background fill quilting.   

 I wanted to do parallel lines on the diagonal instead of a crosshatch. I decided on a 30 degree angle to try something new.  The lines are 1/2 inch apart.  There is a fair amount of starting and stopping so it's going to take awhile.  I was very happy to finally be successful in using a hera marker to mark the lines.
 Once the background fill is done I can easily see where I need to add more quilting to the block elements - like this tablecloth and the birds' bodies.

I also finished this Kim Diehl quilt top.  I'm really pleased with it but now I need to work up the determination to pin baste it for machine quilting. Basting is not my favorite...
 A close-up of one corner to show this red floral fabric I used for the borders.  It's a French General fabric and I love it!
 I also made a little table topper with some French General fabric. It's a Carrie Nelson pattern called Little Bites that my guild decided to do as an easy project together.
I was able to use up a couple of mini charm packs I had had in my stash for awhile.

And a couple of weeks ago my DD#2 had a day off from school and she wanted to do some sewing with me.  (I LOVE it when my kids want to sew with me)  She wanted to try making a pencil roll for her coloring pencils. 
We found a tutorial online and made some adjustments for the number of pencils she wanted to put in it.  It was a fun little project and I think she is pleased with the results.  Did I mention LOVE it when my kids want to sew with me?  :0)

Happy Quilting!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Radical Rose and Reel block #2

I'm excited to have finished the second block of my Radical Rose and Reel quilt.  I added a couple new greens to the ones used in the first block. Keeping this a scrappy project makes it more fun for me to sew  :0)  
 Here are the first 2 blocks together. I'm looking forward to having 4 blocks completed so I can see how the shapes interact at the corners. 
 I've already started block #3   The pattern is Radical Rose and Reel from Collector with a Needle

Design floor space has been made available so I've been able to get some more work done on this Kim Diehl quilt.  These are the first 2 borders.  2 more rounds to go.  I just love that French General red :0)  Glad this will soon be a finished top.
Happy Quilting!!

Monday, September 19, 2016

slow progress

Well the kids are back to school and things are returning to "normal".  I have made good progress with handquilting my Bird of Paradise quilt. I have finished the outline quilting on most of the blocks - 4 more to go and I will get to the background fill quilting.  I finished outline quilting the Bride block today :0)
 I also finished making the uneven 9 patches needed for this next project.  I pieced the applique blocks together and started adding 9 patches.  I did use the 2 blocks I appliqued with Kim Diehl's machine applique method and so had to be very careful not to iron over the invisible thread when I sewed them together to the hand appliqued blocks.  I wasn't sure I would use them together but in the end decided to not waste them.  I am really hoping this becomes a completed top soon!
It's shown folded in this picture as toys have currently taken over my design floor space...
Slowly more Star-a-day blocks are getting made.  Here I wildly threw a few on a new piece of purple I bought recently.  Anyone who knows me well will smile at this - I don't like purple and I have almost none in my stash. Every now and then you need a little purple but there is no way I would ever set these stars with purple - lol!

Happy Quilting!!

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

A busy summer

Hi!  It's been awhile since I last posted.  Its been a very busy summer and while it was flying by there was little time to sew and no time to post.  
 I started this applique project the day after the August American Patchwork and Quilting magazine arrived in my mailbox.  It was a good, small project to take along as we travelled.  It's a Kim Diehl pattern - I quite often like the little projects she has in this magazine. I don't however, like Kim Diehl's applique method so I thought I'd go ahead and use needleturn applique to make this. Usually that works out ok but I found this project to be a bit tricky for placement - probably because its a rectangle and the symmetry is a little different.  Usually I think a bit of wonkiness adds charm but I'm not so sure with this project.  Anyway, I'm moving forward.
 I also didn't want yoyo's and so appliqued circles instead.  I used a quarter coin for the size because it was fast and I didn't have much time to get them prepped.  In hindsight I think the circles are a little small but they are staying as is.

This week we are finally home to stay and I found a few minutes to sit down at my sewing machine and start on the little pieced border for this project.  I had missed sewing at my machine :0)  The magazine's method for the square-in-a-square blocks was not to my liking (bit wasteful) so with a bit of math and some trial and error I am doing it a way I'm happier with.
School starts next week so I will be back to a more regular schedule soon.
Happy quilting!!